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Buy Turmeric & Curcumin supplements. Get the benefits of Curcumin with standardised Turmeric extract in a practical no mess capsule format

Curcumin, the active ingredient in the prized Turmeric spice has been used since the dawn of history in Ayurvedic healing for its unique health benefits.

The problem is regular turmeric powder only contains around 3% curcuminoids, and may be tainted with heavy metals and filth. And if you have ever prepared a turmeric drink or curry, you will know how messy turmeric is!  Staining everything it comes in contact with.

To make matters worse, Curcumin is poorly absorbed on its own which makes getting the right dose difficult.

Curcumin Complex features over 150mg of standardised Curcumin and the equivalent of 1780mg of turmeric powder per capsule boosted with Piperine, Ginger root, Cayenne extract Zinc and Vitamin B6 for optimal absorption. All packed in a practical capsule format.

No mess, no impurities, no taste, no fuss!

Better Nutrition Labs supplements are free of fillers or genetically modified ingredients and are manufactured in the EU to strict GMP standards.