Our Range

Forskolin 250 XL

Encourage lean body mass with our clinical strength Forskolin extract supplement.

Green Coffee Complex

Get our most effective Green Coffee formula, featuring the equivalent of 8000mg of pure green coffee bean extract & 50% chlorogenic Acids (CGA) per capsule.


Garcinia Cambogia Complex

Garcinia Cambogia Complex combines Garcinia Cambogia with synergistic fat burners for effective results.

Daily Probio XL probiotic supplement

Probio XL

Our probio XL supplement provides 8 friendly strains and 20bn good bacteria for full spectrum support.

Montmorency Cherry Complex

Take advantage of the prized health benefits of tart Montmorency cherries and beetroot juice with our highly concentrated Montmorency Cherry Complex, providing the equivalent of 2250mg of Montmorency Cherry and 2250mg of Beet root concentrated powder per capsule.

Acai Berry Complex

Our Acai Berry supplement has received an upgrade, and now features more freeze dried Acai berry powder per serving! Plus synergistic antioxidants featuring Resveratrol, Grapeseed extract and Pomegranate.

Antarctic Krill Oil

Our premium Krill Oil features 48X the antioxidant potency of Omega 3 fish oils without the fishy burps or aftertaste.

Supergreens Complex

Don’t like the taste of green powders? Supplement your diet with 12 organic superfoods packed into a practical capsule format.

CoreFlush Complex

Look after your colon, help ease bloating and constipation with our effective colon cleanse detox formula.

Dietary Fibre Complex

An easy way to add nutrient rich soluble and insoluble dietary fibre in your diet for optimal gut health and regularity.

Isoflavones Complex

A non hormonal formula designed to support women through difficult monthly cycles and menopause.



5 HTP is natural relaxant which has been associated to mood improvement.

Pure Saffron Extract

Our Saffron supplement is 100% natural, and made from Crocus Sativus extract. Each easy to swallow capsule provides the equivalent of 200mg of pure Saffron.


Yacon XL

Yacon XL is a natural supplement which provides a massive 500mg of pure Yacon root extract per capsule essentially providing all the benefits of Yacon syrup in a practical calorie free capsule format.

Glucomannan Complex

Our Glucomannan complex just got an upgrade, featuring more glucomannan, antioxidants, supporting vitamins and minerals as well as synergistic ingredients in a convenient all in one vegetarian friendly capsule format.

Curcumin Complex

Our Curcumin Complex features over 150mg standardised Curcumin and the equivalent of 1780mg of turmeric powder per capsule boosted with Piperine, Ginger root, Cayenne extract Zinc and Vitamin B6.

Raspberry Ketone Complex

Our new raspberry ketone complex combines potent fat burners including: Raspberry Ketone, African Mango, Guarana, Green Tea, L-Carnitine, Apple Cider Vinegar, Grapefruit, Resveratrol and Kelp.