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Buy Saffron Extract Supplements – Target Cravings & Suppress Appetite

Saffron is a rare extract, extracted from the Crocus Sativus flower which has recently hit the headlines due to studies highlighting promising appetite suppression and weight loss benefits.

The way it works is by encouraging serotonin release, a feel good hormone usually released as a reward when consuming snacks during cravings.

If you find it difficult to resist cravings between meals, or find yourself raiding the fridge during emotionally charged situations, or simply find it hard to keep to smaller portion sizes then you may want to look into saffron extract.

Our Saffron supplement provides a massive 100mg of pure saffron extract per capsule, and a 200mg serving per day in a convenient two a day capsule.

Better Nutrition Labs supplements are free of fillers or genetically modified ingredients and are manufactured in the EU to strict GMP standards and ISO9001 quality assurance certifications.