Are you wondering what the maximum safe dosage of raspberry ketones is? Or are you more concerned about the minimum dosage needed in order to get results?

Well the short answer is…It depends on the company selling you the supplements and we will explain why in a moment.

First, we need to understand how raspberry ketone supplements work and the studies behind the stats

Two key studies have found that raspberry ketones appear to1:

  • Stimulate a reduction in fat build up in the liver and overall reduction of bodyweight after 10 weeks.
  • Improve the fat burning ability of norephinephrine
  • Reduce triglyceride levels at high dosages
  • Raise metabolism
  • Increase levels of adiponectin (which has been found to improve insulin sensitivity)

But it is important to note that both these studies were performed on lab mice, using a dosage of 0.5-2.18g/kg which correlates to a human estimated dose of 80-340mg/kg.

This would therefore equate to equivalent dosages of:

  • 870-3,700mg raspberry ketone for a 150lb (68kg) person
  • 1,100-5,000mg raspberry ketone for a 200lb (90kg) person

These studies also showed that higher doses of raspberry ketone led to improved results.

Due to these doses being comparatively high relative to other fat burning compounds, the standard daily supplement dosage is usually found within the 100-500mg range.

But the most conclusive human study found that Raspberry Ketone is most effective combined with stimulants such as caffeine.

Second, how much raspberry ketone are you getting in your supplement?

The second important factor to consider is cost. Due to its highly concentrated nature, Raspberry ketone is an expensive compound, and this has led to many low quality raspberry ketone supplements being released featuring more filler than actual raspberry ketone extract.

As a result, many supplement companies are promoting a 100mg as the recommended raspberry ketone dosage per day, in order to sell their cheaper, and lower dosage raspberry ketone supplements.

Due to recent EU regulations, it is no longer possible to purchase high strength Raspberry Ketone extract. And as a result, Raspberry ketone supplements are now limited to only 4% ketone extract.

It is therefore highly recommended to combine raspberry ketone with caffeine in order to maximise its effectiveness.

Third, it’s all about results

Looking at our own customer feedback, there does seem to be a correlation between higher dosage amounts and positive reviews especially when combined with a healthy diet and exercise.

As a result we recommend the following checklist when looking to buy a raspberry ketone supplement:

  • How much raspberry ketone are you getting? Try and get as close to a 500mg daily serving of pure raspberry ketone extract as possible. Or use a formula which combines raspberry ketones with caffeine for optimum results.
  • Are there any fillers? Beware of low dosages of raspberry ketone which could indicate a lot of filler powder being used instead.
  • Finally, ensure that your supplement is manufactured in a GMP and ISO9001:2008 quality assurance certificated lab, preferably in Europe or the USA where safety checks are more stringent.

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Want to find out more about Raspberry Ketone?

Check out our exclusive infographic below:



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[1] Raspberry ketones inhibited weight gain and improved fat burning 2010

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Eight weeks of supplementation with a multi-ingredient weight loss product enhances body composition, reduces hip and waist girth, and increases energy levels in overweight men and women