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What is the recommended & safe daily dosage of Forskolin?


Forskolin is the main bioactive ingredient of the Coleus forskohlii herb, which has been used for centuries in traditional medicine, including Ayurveda.

Today, Forskolin is proving very popular at the gym and is becoming the weapon of choice of personal trainers to get their clients in peak shape.

In this report we will look into what makes Forskolin effective, provide the recommended dosage for optimal results, as well as highlight what you need to know when buying a Forskolin supplement.

According to Chris Lockwood, Phd:  “Forskolin has leapt from the lab to the gym, and with good reason! It could help you burn fat, support healthy testosterone levels, and get more results out of your training.”

Chris Lockwood specialises in training celebrities and was responsible for helping actor Matthew McConaughey outshine men half his age in the movie “Magic Mike”, with the help of a total daily dosage of 250mg Forskolin @ 20% (125mg at breakfast and at lunch time) and a rigorous training regime.

What makes Forskolin effective?

Studies have shown Forskolin to have an effect on thyroid hormone production and release. This is interesting because the thyroid helps regulate our metabolic rate through the release of specific hormones.

Forskolin also affects cAMP, which has a synergistic effect on cells, boosting hormone sensitive lipase which stimulates fat burning hormones and enzymes.

How to take Forskolin and get optimal results?

Based on the Forskolin studies, the optimal dose of Forskolin is:

A twice daily dosage of 125mg of Coleus Forskohlii standardised to 20% Forskolin, or 250mg of Coleus Forskohlii standardised to a lower 10% concentration.

This is the same dosage used in the studies, and the same dosage trainers such as Chris Lockwood recommends his celebrity clients to get optimal results.

Are there any side effects to Forskolin?

No significant side effects have been reported for forskolin supplementation, but you should follow the following guidelines to stay safe:

Don’t exceed the recommended dosage of 250mg @ 20% Forskolin daily. Doing so could bring stomach cramps and diarrhea.

Forskolin has been showed to reduce blood pressure so you should avoid if you have been diagnosed with hypotension, or low blood pressure.

Always consult your doctor before using health supplements,

Which Forskolin is best?

From our initial research we have found that not all Forskolin is equal, so to ensure optimal fat loss you need to look for the following:

Your supplement should use genuine Coleus Forskohlii, standardised to 20% providing a total daily dosage of 50mg of Forskolin (125mg @ 20% twice a day or 250mg @ 10% twice a day).

Any less and you won’t get any results, any more and you could get side effects…

Finally ensure your supplement comes from a reputable lab, manufactured to GMP standards.

Following these guidelines will help ensure you get the same dosage as in the studies.

Get the recommended effective dosage of Forskolin with Better Nutrition Labs Forskolin XL

Our Forskolin 250 XL supplement features a 250mg daily dosage of high strength Coleus Forskohlii standardised at 20% Forskolin as used in the studies.

Need more info? Find out more about the science behind Forskolin in our in-depth report here.

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