If you have read our buyers guide to health supplements, you’ll know that picking the best supplement is a lot easier once you have a checklist of the most important factors to look out for.

BUT there is another important aspect you need to consider if you want to avoid the #1 most common mistake people make when buying supplements… And that is jumping on a trending supplement instead of first figuring out the source of the problem, and picking the most relevant supplement.

How to tackle the cause rather than the symptom

Let’s take the example of weight loss for a moment. You’ve decided that you want to get back in shape, and need to lose 10kg.

Whilst it may be popular to jump straight to a weight loss supplement as excess weight is the symptom, the most effective strategy is to first understand what caused the weight gain in the first place.

Here are a few questions to help you narrow your focus:

  • Do you have problems controlling your appetite?
  • Do you have a slower metabolism?
  • Are cravings sabotaging your efforts?
  • Are you looking to maximise gains from your workouts?
  • Are you currently under a lot of stress?
  • Is your diet affecting your blood sugar levels?
  • Are you experiencing high levels of inflammation?
  • Do you have any digestive issues?
  • How are your energy levels and do you feel motivated to move?

Once you have an idea of what could be causing your weight gain, you can then pick supplements which can help support your goal.

For example:

A fibre rich supplement featuring Glucomannan or Yacon root may help make it easier to last between meals.

A thermogenic supplement featuring capsaicin, green tea, caffeine, green coffee, raspberry ketone, garcinia cambogia, or forskolin may stimulate metabolic processes and maximise gains from high intensity workouts.

A supplement featuring 5-htp or saffron may provide the raw ingredients necessary for your body to create serotonin, the feel good hormone, helping subdue cravings due to emotional eating and assist under stress.

Some supplements may have a positive effect on blood sugar levels such as green coffee or omega 3 rich krill oil.

A supplement rich in antioxidants such as montmorency cherries and acai berries would be a good match for inflammation.

Fibre and digestive enzyme rich supplements such as Core Flush, dietary fibre complex and super greens complex may support your gut and add missing nutrients from your diet.

Caffeine rich supplements featuring guarana or caffeine stimulants could provide an energy boost and a 0 calorie alternative to energy drinks.

Be sure to check out our supplements by goals page to pick the right combination.

Biggest mistake #2: Not making any changes to your diet

The second biggest mistake is relying 100% on a supplement to do the work.

To illustrate this lets use a simple analogy:

Say you have a car, and you decide to add special rocket fuel which can make the car go faster (don’t do this at home!).

If you forget to dis-engage the parking brake, the car will not go any faster…

Neglecting your diet is like leaving the parking brake on and expecting to still get results.

For supplements to work optimally, you need to make positive changes to your diet and lifestyle, so that when the right supplement is applied it will be able to work in synergy to help your body reach your goal faster.